Eurobest Technology

Eurobest Technology

Spraydryer, Evaporator, Consultants for machinery spray dryer evaporator extractor


- Manufacture and sell Spray Dryer, Evaporator, Extractor, Steam Dryers, Alcohol Recovery Evaporators, Agglomerators, Tanks and more.

- Use our machineries to produce the desired product for our customers

- Advisory for machinery and factory

- Maintenance services for all our products

- Samples for processing

   With over 30 years’ experience and expertise, we have created and developed food processing and herbal medicine with new technologies continuously. We have samples and experiment for you to see before making an actual purchasing decision. We are a first-class manufacturer and supplier of Spray dryer and the Evaporator machines in Thailand. We have an excellent after-sales service and ease of contact. We also support equipment for research of prestigious universities and received the TMA Mark from Machinery Association of Thailand.


Spray Dryer Machine won the "Best Machining Technology Innovations" in 2007. This company was built after gaining experience of working with foreign countries in the same business line. The quality of our machines are comparable with the European machines, but our prices are 2 to 3 times lower than them. We also won the prestigious "Technology and Innovation of the Year Thailand 2007" (TechnoMart & InnoMart 2007) organized by the National Innovation Agency (NIA). On 4 October at Impact Muang Thong Thani, we were awarded the "Excellent, excellent mechanical technology" made by Prof. Dr. Yongyuth Wong, minister of science and technology.

After we won the best machining technology We continued development the technology of “Spray dryer machine" and improved its efficiency even further. On October 25, 2012, Ministry of Science and Technology honored our company and remarked that "The operators are developing steadily," in the event "Technology and Innovation of the Year Thailand 2012" (TechnoMart & InnoMart 2011) organized by the National Innovation Agency (NIA) at BITEC Bangna with Dr.Plodprasop Surasavadee (Deputy Prime Minister, Former minister of science and technology) as chairman.

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Propak Asia

Date : 15-18 June 2016

Seminar for Processing Machine with Falling Film Evaporator and Spray Dryer

Date : 13 July 2016

National Herb Expo 13

Date : 31 August-4 September 2016


Date : 8-10 September 2016